2023 facts

A new Act on KommuneKredit, the issuance of our 8th green bond, progress on our 9 strategic ESG goals, and loans and leasing totaling DKK 190 billion at year-end. These were some of the milestones for KommuneKredit in 2023. Below, you can read about the year at KommuneKredit, find our latest annual report, and see our CEO and Managing Director present the year's highlights.

2023 was an exiting year for KommuneKredit

Listen to CEO Jens Lundager talk about 2023 at KommuneKredit - and the very special event we look forward to celebrating in 2024.

See introduction to Annual Report 2023

Selected facts 2023

4,2 %

Equity ratio

With an equity ratio of more than 3 pct., KommuneKredit has an adequate capital position.

Opgjort pr. 31.12.2023

65 %

Capital ratio

The high capital ratio reflects the low risk associated with our business model.

Opgjort pr. 31.12.2023

125 years

Steady and stable

without loss on lending or leasing

In addition to monitoring and managing our financial risks, we focus especially on a number of non-financial risks in our operations and the development of our business. They include operational risk – including IT risk – ESG risk and compliance risk.

Jonas Toft Månsson

Chief Business Development & Risk Officer

Read more about our risk management in Annual Report 2023

ESG highlights

ESG targets on track

Our green loan portfolio rose from 21 pct. in 2022 to 22 pct. in 2023. Until now, we have reduced our own carbon emissions by 52 pct. relative to 2018.

Opgjort pr. 31.12.2023

Consistently strong ESG ratings

We maintain our strong ESG ratings from ISS ESG, MSCI and Sustainalytics.

Opgjort pr. 31.12.2023

Working with ESG data

To define the level of ambition for our ESG data and reporting, we regularly identify our investors' need for ESG data.

The increase in lending was driven primarily by construction credits granted to district heating companies which are in the process of expanding district heating areas and other investments relating to the green transition. The increase in leasing was driven in part by a transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.

Morten Søtofte

Chief Support and Financial Officer

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Be inspired

Read about projects we have financed

Our lending and leasing finance many different types of local projects in Danish society, including investments in green and social projects.

See list of projects we have financed

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