We reduce climate footprint from own operations

At the end of 2023, we had reduced our overall climate footprint from our own operations by 52 pct. relative to carbon emissions in 2018. Our target is a 55 pct. reduction by 2025.

Despite the fact that we have reduced the climate footprint from our own operations by 52% relative to carbon emissions in 2018, we recorded a 10 pct. increase relative to emissions in 2022. The increase was primarily driven by higher emissions from our canteen, which is more or less back to normal operations after Covid-19. 

However, the the item that contributes most to carbon emissions from our own opersations is our travel activities. To further reduce our carbon emissions, in 2023 we started to prepare an internal CObudget for our travel activities that we will implement in 2024. 


  • Carbon footprint of 64 tonnes CO2e from our own operations in 2023. In 2022, the CO2e emissions were 58 tonnes.
  • In 2023, 93% of our total energy consumption came from renewable energy sources in 2023, corresponding to the share in 2022.


In 2023 we continued to purchase electricity from certified wind power and signed an agreement on afforestation. Under the agreement, 232 trees will be
planted in 2024 to reduce atmospheric CO2 by an amount equal to our own carbon footprint in 2022. In that way, we have delivered upon our goal to climate compensate the climate footprint that we currently cannot reduce through other means.

We also focus on the climate footprint originating from our lending, leasing, and investment portfolios. In 2023, we began to map the climate footprint, and we continue the work in 2024, so that we can both estimate the emissions from our core activities and our own operations.

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