Increased focus on diversity

As part of our goal to strengthen an inclusive corporate culture by 2025, we introduced guidelines for diversity and the under-represented gender in 2023.

At KommuneKredit, we believe that we establish the best conditions for fulfilling our mission by creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where individuals of different genders, ages, educational backgrounds, cultural origins, personality profiles, etc. contribute to task completion with their various perspectives.

At the end of 2023, the number of employees had grown to 105. Gender diversity increased to 37.2 pct. women among our employees and to 25 pct. women among our managers. 

We see equal gender representation as part of an inclusive organisational culture, and in 2023, we set targets for a 40/60 women/men (legal gender) gender balance among our employees and in our leadership to support progress.


  • 37.2% of our employees were women by the end of 2023. In 2022 34.4 % were women.
  • 25 % of our managers were women by the end of 2023, corresponding to the share in 2022.

We will implement our guidelines for diversity and the under-represented gender in 2024. In this way we will focus on the value of organisational diversity. We do so in our recruitment processes and by staying aware of how diversity is a strength for our organisation and for solving tasks successfully.

Finally, we integrate diversity as a topic in our ongoing management development, and strengthen the inclusive organisational culture by offering traineeships.

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