KommuneKredit implements organisational change


On 1 September 2018 KommuneKredit will be implementing an organisational change, which will underpin our Strategy 2022.


We are consolidating our client-based activities in one new department, Lending and Leasing, with Director Christian Jeppesen as new Head of Department.


Director Jette Moldrup is the new Head of Department for the Treasury department. Eske Hansen continues in the Treasury department as Chief Funding Manager.


We are consolidating our back office, accounting, risk management and business analysis in our Finance and Risk department with Director and CFO Morten Søtofte as Head of Department.


Business Development and Support, which is headed by Director Søren Steen Mortensen, will be expanded with a Business Development unit.


The IT department will continue with Director and CIO Nadeem Zafar as Head of Department.



CEO Jens Lundager,                          Managing Director Henrik Andersen,
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