Green Bonds

KommuneKredit launched its inaugural green bond in June 2017, and a second green bond in June 2018. Investments include solar heating panels, sustainable rainwater management and LED street lighting to name a few.


KommuneKredit reports annually on the impact achieved through the projects financed by our green bonds in a separate report. KommuneKredit’s first Green Bond Impact Report was published in June 2018.


Issuing green bonds and reporting on the impact of green investments creates awareness about green investments in local Danish public infrastructure – and hopefully supports further green investments by local authorities across the country. Moreover, the issuance of green bonds also caters to the investment needs among investors with a green investment strategy, allowing KommuneKredit to expand its investor base.


In October 2017, a group of Nordic public sector issuers released a joint position paper on green bonds impact reporting.


KommuneKredit participated in the group as an observer, with the intention of complying with the positions of the paper at a later stage. KommuneKredit had not yet issued its first green bonds when the work on the joint position paper was embarked upon.


The position paper is available here.