Funding Programme 2020

KommuneKredit expects to issue approximately DKK 30bn (EUR 4bn) of long-term funding with maturities above one year in 2020. The funding budget is in line with the funding volumes raised in 2019.


It is KommuneKredit’s strategy to strengthen our presence as a green and sustainable bond issuer. We have been issuing green bonds since 2017 and expect ample growth in our green loan portfolio to secure a green bond issue in 2020.


Our general funding strategy is to provide low cost funding for our clients and at the same time secure recurrent issuance of liquid securities. The funding strategy remains focused on strategic core benchmark markets in EUR, USD and DKK.


KommuneKredit will also in 2020 manage its funding redemption profile actively through buy-backs of existing bond issues and by issuing relatively longer dated funding compared to previous years.





Ms. Jette Moldrup

Director, Head of Treasury

+45 33 69 76 17


Mr. Eske Hansen

Chief Funding & IR Manager

+45 33 69 76 07