ELENA – A Subsidy to IEE II projects

The EU has established a programme called ELENA, European Local Energy Assistance, as part of the battle against climate changes. The ELENA-programme is part of a larger EU energy initiative – Intelligent Energy Europe. KommuneKredit’s members are included in the target group for ELENA.


The programme is a subsidy and loan programme assisting the EU member states in reaching the 20-20-20 objective by 2020, namely one or more of the following objectives:


• reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by 20 pct.,
• increase the share of sustainable energy in energy consumption by 20 pct., and
• improve energy efficiency by at least 20 pct.


ELENA offers subsidies for the preparation of investments in combatting climate changes, and thus not for the investments themselves.


The ELENA-subsidy can cover up to 90 pct. of the costs towards the preparation of larger energy conserving measures for public “units”. Costs eligible to be subsidised includes market research, business plans, energy reports, tendering procedures and other costs necessary to the promotion of the investment. Furthermore, the subsidy can only make up a maximum of 5 pct. of the total energy investment.


KommuneKredit has now been approved as the EU’s financial intermediary for Denmark in collaboration with the German development bank KfW. Thus, KommuneKredit can offer both funding and EU-subsidies for the energy conserving measures implemented by Danish municipalities and regions.


KommuneKredit’s negotiations lasted for more than two years and were finalised on 27 May 2014.


Should the application for ELENA-subsidies require it, KommuneKredit can assist with financial information. However, KommuneKredit recommends that the municipality/region seeks professional advice in connection with the completion of the application.


Approved projects:

Aarhus kommune. Click here for further information


For further information please contact the Lending Department on:
Email: kk@kommunekredit.dk or phone: + 45 33 69 76 17