Responsibility Policy


KommuneKredit’s mission is to create financial latitude for Danish local authorities by providing funding and financial advice at the lowest possible cost. With a separate policy on corporate social responsibility, KommuneKredit wishes to clarify the general principles for our responsibility activities.



Target group and scope

The policy serves as a guideline for all employees and activities.



Social responsibility principles

To KommuneKredit, social responsibility means that we incorporate social, environmental and ethical considerations in our business. The policy comprises a number of principles providing a guideline for how we intend to make this happen.


  • KommuneKredit will support the level of ambition of local authorities for responsibility
  • KommuneKredit will make efforts to minimise our environmental impact
  • KommuneKredit must at any time demonstrate good and ethically responsible corporate governance
  • KommuneKredit takes a zero-tolerance approach to any form of bribery and corruption
  • KommuneKredit will support inclusiveness, diversity and job satisfaction
  • KommuneKredit will emphasise transparent communication about our social responsibility efforts


The Policy will be translated into focus areas and specific annual targets to be decided by the Management Board and included in the reporting to the Board of Directors.




KommuneKredit will publish an annual responsibility report to be adopted by the Board of Directors. The report describes our responsibility activities and results. The report will assess the status of focus areas and specific targets.


The report offers our stakeholders insight into KommuneKredit’s social responsibility activities and paves the way for dialogue.  The responsibility report will also include reporting on ESG criteria in order to give our investors an easily accessible and transparent insight into KommuneKredit’s handling of environmental, social and governance aspects.



Commencement, publication and revision

The Responsibility Report will become effective following approval by the Board of Directors and will be published at The Policy will be revised when required and any amendments must be approved by the Board of Directors. For instance, revision may be required as a result of new guidelines, legislation or good practice.