Buyback Policy

Buy-back Policy
As a frequent issuer in the international capital markets, KommuneKredit is focusing on developing and maintaining long-term relationships with its investors.

KommuneKredit will on an ongoing basis be offering bond issues in various currencies and maturities. In addition, KommuneKredit may, at its own discretion, offer to buy back all or portions of certain of its bond issues.

As with new issues, KommuneKredit uses for its buy-back operations, the service of investment banks and maintains relationships with brokers.

As a general policy, KommuneKredit will not cancel any its bonds purchased.

Buy-back of bond issues will be published on KommuneKredit’s website following completion of each buy-back transaction.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 1. Introduction   1.1 Purpose The Code of Conduct contains guidelines for how we behave towards each other internally in KommuneKredit as well as externally towards our business partners. The intention of the Code is to underpin a good working environment as well as a professional business conduct suitable for a modern…

Responsibility Policy

Responsibility Policy Purpose KommuneKredit’s mission is to create financial latitude for Danish local authorities by providing funding and financial advice at the lowest possible cost. With a separate policy on corporate social responsibility, KommuneKredit wishes to clarify the general principles for our responsibility activities.     Target group and scope The policy serves as a…

Responsibility Report

Responsibility Report KommuneKredit publishes a Responsibility Report annually. The Responsibility Report outlines activities, focus areas and goals for the topic.The report also contains a number of ESG Data (Environmental, Social & Governance Data) intended for investors.   Our first Responsibility Report was published on 1 March 2019.   Responsibility Report 2018 (web) Responsibility Report 2018…

KommuneKredit and Responsibility

KommuneKredit and Responsibility Serving the common good KommuneKredit’s business model is essentially about creating financial latitude for Danish municipalities and regions by offering funding and financial advice at the lowest possible cost.  Most of our loans have a green or social objective such as climate proofing, coastal protection, public transportation, energy efficiency for public buildings,…